Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog also known as heeler, it is the best combination of all the herding working dogs This dog has the best characteristics of its antecedents.


The Australian Cattle Dog is an obedient and loyal dog to its owner. It is a leader with respect to its place in the herd, It has strong herding instincts and this may extend to people and other pets as well. Because it is a leader it will sometimes try to take over other dogs.

  • It is a diligent, courageous  and loyal.
  • Requires minimal brushing
  • Requires regular vigorous exercise
  • Can adapt to living in a haouse but requires lots of exercise.
  • Excellent Watchdog

Breed Size

Male : 12-20 in (43-51 cm)

Weight 32-35 lb (15-16 kg)


Female :12-19 in (43-48 cm)

Weight :30-35 lb (14-16 kg)


Buyer Beware!

This breed requires lots of exercise

It is prone to deafness




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