Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

  Australian Shepherd


The Australian Shepherd contrary to what the name implies is not from Australia. It is from the United States. Farmers regard this breed highly as an excellent working dog. This breed is eager to please and highly trainable. This dog excels at dog sports such as dog agility, flyball, and frisbee. They are also highly successful search and rescue dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide, service, and therapy dogs.


This breed is very energetic, and requires lots of exercise and attention, although some can be calm and easy-going. Aussies are one of the few breeds known for “smiling” by baring their teeth. Which is why you sometimes see them in dog commercials. They are kind, loving, and loyal to those they know.  Because the breed was developed to serve on the ranch, a job which includes being protective of its property, it is inclined to bark warnings about neighborhood activity. It is not inclined toward obsessive barking.

Australian shepherds can become extremely destructive if their energy is not directed in a positive way. These dogs require a minimum of 2–3 hours a day of play, exercise, and attention. They thrive in rural, ranch like conditions, and need space to run and play in an urban setting.


  • It is keen obedient and loyal
  • Requires minimal brushing
  • Requires regular to rigorous exercise
  • Adjusts to urban living but requires lots of space
  • Good Watchdog

Breed Size

Male : 19-23 in (48-58 cm)

Weight 40-70 lb (18-32 kg)


Female :19-23 in (46-56 cm)

Weight :35-65 lb (16-29 kg)


Buyer Beware!

Vision problems are common.

Epilepsy is a concern.

Puppies who have inherited two copies of the merle gene have an increased risk of being born blind, and/or deaf.


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