Boxer Dogs


Origin and brief history:

The Boxer has a very interesting history. The dogs were bred originally in Germany.

Originally used for dog fighting and as cattle dogs to herd livestock.  Later Boxer dog began to be used in performances because of their playful antics.  Today boxers are now as a family friendly dog due to the fact that they are very loyal and patient with kids. They tend to live from 11 to 14 years with a good loving home.

The Boxer dog grows from 20 to 24 inches and weights 54 to 60 pounds for the female and from 22 to 26 inches and weights 65 to 71 pounds for the male.



The Temperament of a Boxer Dog:.

They are smart, loyal and playful and love to jump and run. They are kind and alert and make good watch dos as they bond closely with their family. They tend to challenge authority so need a firm hand to guide them. Training should be consistent and start at an early age but don’t worry the boxer dog loves to learn. The boxer is an athletic dog so they need daily walks and attention or they may become hyper. These Dogs are good for families with children. They are natural watchdogs and will detain a prowler until someone calls them off.

They can be good with other animals such as cats if raised with them. They can be told to leave certain things alone such as livestock like chickens but if left alone they may find the opportunity to tempting.



The care and grooming of a boxer dog is simple.

They are short haired and tend to some in fawn and brindle coloring with white markings.

They tend to shed when the weather gets warmer. You should brush them daily and bathe them when needed.

When bathing you should use some water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle on the coat to help them regain some of the oils they lost during the bath it restores their skins natural ph.


Buyer Beware:

Some Health concerns

It should be known that boxers are prone to some health conditions such as hips giving out and tumors under the skin as well as some heart conditions. They are also more prone to cancer.

The boxer dog can develop calluses if left outside to lay on the hard ground so a dog bed should be provided. So be aware that later in life you may have to care for you beloved family member. Otherwise if this is the Dog for you go out and adopt him or her.



image credit wikipedia.org


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