The Briard



The longhaired Briard is distinctly a French herding dog that also goes by the names Beauceron, indicating the breed with a shorter coat, or Berger de Brie, ‘shepherd from Brie.’ Their most distinctive name, however, is ‘Heart Wrapped in Fur.’ One of the earliest mentions of this breed comes from a renaissance manuscript of 1578. There are some written accounts that claim that two Briards went into exile with Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815. The Briard served during the French Revolution, WWI and WWII as the official dog of the French Army. Due to the heavy casualties they suffered in the last two wars, the breed almost became extinct. They distinguished themselves in action by helping medics search for wounded soldiers and by carrying messages and supplies to the front lines. Recognized by the AKC in 1928, they are powerful, agile, quick learners, and strongly protective with an acute sense of hearing that makes them outstanding watchdogs.


Briards have a definite mind of their own but learn quickly with a lot of attention and a firm hand. They are independent, sweet natured and brave, gentle and fiercely protective. They are eager to please and are very adaptable to most social settings with early training.


The Briard has a double coat similar to that of a goat. It naturally repels water and dirt and sheds very little if groomed regularly. Ideally, they should be groomed daily or at least a few hours a week, as their fur can become tangled and matted if neglected.

Teeth, Ears and Nails

Brush teeth at least two to three times a week to remove tartar build up and prevent gum irritation and infections. Check the ears once a week, keeping them clean and free from excess hairs. Trim nails weekly or monthly, as needed.

Breed Specifications

Bearded collies are large, strong boned, powerful dogs that have a life span of 10-12 years. They usually have double dewclaws on their hind feet and may come in any color but white. The most common colors are black, and shades of tawny or gray. The weight range for both males and female is about 75 lbs. The female is usually longer than the male. The average height for females at the withers is 22-25 inches, and for males 24-27 inches. Litter size is 8-10 with some litters producing up to 17 pups.

Buyer Beware

Some facts that you should consider before choosing a Briard:

  • They require daily brushing.
  • They require training and plenty of mental and physical stimulation.
  • They need a firm minded owner with a patient hand.
  • They need a lot of attention.



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