Origin and brief history

The Brittany is bred as a gun dog for bird hunting. The Brittany’s characteristics are more like a setter or a pointer however they are often referred to as a spaniel. The Brittany’s name originates from a region of France also named Brittany. Brittany’s were depicted on tapestries and paintings as early as the 17th century.


The Brittany is a very sensitive dog that is easily trained. They are fast learners and can be excellent hunting dogs. Brittany’s are also great family pets and are great with children. They need a minimum of one hour of rigorous exercise a day and need an area to run in. They need an active owner who is dedicated to the abundance of exercise these types of dogs need.  If not trained and exercised properly these dogs can become uncontrollable and destructive.


The Brittany requires a medium amount of effort when it comes to grooming. The Brittany is a single coated dog, which will make grooming a lot easier. The Brittany is a hunting dog and if used as one, will need to be bathed weekly. They will need to be brushed regularly to make sure that their coats are smooth and without mats. Frequent checking of the paw pads is essential, since they are such an active breed. The claws should be clipped monthly and the ears and teeth should be checked every two weeks.

Specification of breed

The Brittany is a medium sized, energetic, compact, and very athletic. They are born with either short tails or long tails. If born with a long tail, it is usually docked to between 1 and 4 inches. The color of the Brittany can vary liver and white to orange and white. The Brittany’s height can range from 17 inches to 20.5 inches, with a weight between 36lbs. and 43 lbs.  Some lines in North American can weigh up to 50lbs.


Buyer Beware

The Brittany is a very active breed. The owner will need to be incredibly active and confident in their training. If the Brittany does not get the required exercise, they could become hyper and destructive. They may eat furniture, dig up gardens, or bark for no reason.   It is very important that the Brittany is socialized when young. If they are not, they may become shy which can lead to them being fearful of different people and things. The Brittany is an overall great dog to own, but they will need time for exercise and training. They are great for active people who are looking for someone to share their adventures with.



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