Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier has a unique odd shaped head that looks very much like an egg and they have small eyes that have the shape of a triangle. These defining features make it hard to mistake the Bull Terrier for any other dog, and has made it a favorite companion for hundreds of years.


Origins & Brief History:

The Bull Terrier came from England in the 1830’s. They are a designed breed of dog that crosses a bull and a terrier. They were originally developed to kill vermin in the middle of the nineteenth century, but it was soon discovered that by combining the strength and persistence with the bull dog and the speed, size and dexterity of the terrier, that they made excellent sport fighting dogs.


When a breeder named James Hinks was able to create an all white version of the bull terrier in the year 1860, these dogs became high society and a must have for finer English gentlemen. In 1885 a Bull Terrier named Nellie was the first one to be registered with the American Kennel Club and in 1897 the Bull Terrier Club of America was created. Today the Bull Terrier is ranked as the sixty-first most popular breed and they have expressive wins in prestigious dog shows. They are prominently shown in TV shows and commercials and are written about in books.



The bull terrier is strong and determined. They like companionship and enjoy people. They can be fun loving and sweet. They like movement and activity. They make good watch dogs because they are overly protective of their owner. They don’t tend to play well with other animals, especially cats, who can be at peril  around the Bull Terrier. Because of their strength and over protective nature it is important to have a firm hand and control at all times.



The Bull Terrier is ranked as one of the easiest breeds to groom. With their short coat, the amount of grooming required is minimal. Brushing the Bull Terrier weekly is sufficient grooming. During shedding season, which happens twice a year, it is recommended that they be brushed daily. It is also important to trim their toe nails once a month and to keep their teeth clean. You can keep the ears clean by wiping them out with a cotton ball once a week.


Specifications of the breed:

The Bull Terrier is a stout dog. They can weigh between thirty-five and seventy-five pounds, with a height of around twenty-two inches. The average weight is fifty pounds for the Bull Terrier. There is an Albino Bull Terrier that is all white in color. The Bull Terriers that have a multicolor head and all white body are also consider the albino variety. There is also a more common multicolored Bull Terrier.


Buyer Beware:

Some of the things to keep in mind as you make your choice on the Bull Terrier are that an albino Bull Terrier has a much higher chance of being deaf. The Bull Terrier needs to be socialized as a small puppy in order to play well with others. They are a protective dog and need a large amount of activity. Keeping a Bull Terrier in a crate for long periods of time is not recommended.


The Bull Terrier is not considered the smartest breed, but they may be one of the loyalist. As you make your choice on the right dog to become a member of your household, keeping these traits in mind will help you and your family to design a perfect fit.



image credit wikipedia.org


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