Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of two separate dog breeds known as Welsh corgis that originated in Wales. This breed is one of the oldest herding breeds. The Cardigan breed are very loyal family oriented dogs. They make for excellent watchdogs however they do require lots of activity and stimulation. Owners with children should beware that because they tend to nip at the heels  they might not make the best pet for families with young children.



Because this breed’s natural instinct is to herd its cattle or sheep by nipping at their heels, they tend to do this to people. This should be discouraged at an early age. They have a great desire to please their owners, this makes them easier for them to learn and train.


  • It is an affectionate, loyal, and independent
  • Requires regular brushing
  • Requires regular to gentle exercise
  • Ideal for apartment living, however requires lots of exercise.
  • Very Good Watchdog

Breed Size

Male : 10-13 in (25-33 cm)

Weight 25-30 lb (11-14 kg)


Female :10-13 in (25-33 cm)

Weight :25-30 lb (11-14 kg)


Buyer Beware!

This breed sheds heavily.

Because of its long back, it tends to have back problems such as slipped disks

This breed has inherently eye disorders



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