Origin and brief history


The chihuahua is one of the most unique breeds of dogs currently recognized. Holding the notable distinction of being the smallest breed of dog available, this breed has grown in popularity in recent times with many celebrities seen carrying them around in small bags. The history of the chihuahua is an interesting series of clues that indicate many plausible origins and cultural placements. While many historians do not agree on all points, most are in agreement that the dog originated in Mexico. Interestingly, wooden toys that strongly resemble the chihuahua have been dated back to 100 AD; these toys have their origins in Mexico.



Despite their small appearance, chihuahuas can be incredibly fierce and protective. The reputation of the chihuahua is that they are small and friendly, and while this is true to an extent, some may surprised to learn just how aggressive they can be in specific situations. Their ability to behave in a wide range of social situations is underpinned by an inability to get along with other breeds of dogs. Of course, as with any breed distinction, these are guidelines, and each chihuahua will vary in terms of temperament.




The maintenance involved with a chihuahua depends on the type of chihuahua in question. They come in two distinctive forms – short hair and long hair. Naturally, the long hair variety require the most grooming, often in the form of brushing and trimming around the head area. Alongside these requirements, chihuahuas need to be maintained in much the same way any other breed does. They will need regular nail trimming, and dental hygiene procedures. For many chihuahua owners, the process of grooming is part of the appeal of this particular breed.

Specification of breed


Chihuahuas are notable for being small dogs with distinctly large ears and eyes. The key differences between the male and female anatomy are slightly harder to distinguish when it comes to this breed due to their height and weight similarities. Both the male and the female can grow to 10 inches in height, and weigh up to 10lb in weight. Some feel that the males can be easier to tame, but this is a variance of behavior that is not clearly established.


Buyer Beware


There are a few behavioral concerns and health risks that one should consider before purchasing a chihuahua. Some chihuahuas are at greater risk for low blood sugar – this is not often a problem that persists beyond adolescent years, but it can be. Fortunately, it is a very manageable concern, as long as it is dealt with swiftly. In terms of behavior, the chihuahua can be a very loyal, yet very aggressive breed. This means that those looking to buy should consider whether or not the chihuahua will be able to handle other pets in the house, or children. Their outgoing nature also means that owners should take extra care when walking in the park – interaction with other dogs is not always as smooth as it may be between other breeds.




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