So you decided to get a puppy! congratulations. Lets make sure he is a healthy puppy. Here are some things you need to check to minimize the chances of getting a sick proned puppy.

Skin :

Pull apart his hair and check for lumps pimples or scabs, there should be none. The puppy’s skin should be smooth and free of parasites. the skin color will range from pink to black to spotted depending on the type of dog you chose.

Ears : 

Ears should be free of any odor, free of any discharge, or excessive wax.


Eyes should be shiny and bright, shiny and expressive, with very little to no discharge, redness and or watering. The eyelashes should not touch the eyeball itself.


The coat should be shiny, glossy and clean without excessive oil or dandruff. Puppies belly should be generally hairless. When stroking his hair there should be little to no shedding.


Pull back his lips and check to see that his gums are pink or pigmented and depending on his age, should have around 23 teeth.


Puppy’s nose should not be runny. it should be moist and cool.


When the puppy walks and runs he should do so freely with no limping, he should put even weight on all four paws.


Make sure that his anus is clean and dry, not red or irritated


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