Group of twelve dog

Choosing the right dog


What Dog is Right for Me ? Before you become a dog owner, sit down with your family and decide on several factors. Such factors to consider discussing are feeding, grooming, playing, exercising grooming and training. These chores and responsibilities should be agreed that everyone in the family is willing to be responsible. Your new pet will require this attention and care.

Research as much as you can about the different breeds. There are temperaments to consider. What are the grooming requirements ? if a dog has long hair, this requires lots of time and considerable effort to keep those coats shiny and beautiful. Does the dog require lots of exercise? Do you have the space and time to exercise him? Short haired dogs require less grooming but tend to shed practically year round.

Male or female? Males tend to misbehave more than females. This is an important point to consider if you have smaller children or if its your first pet.


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