Collar and Leash Training your Dog

When you are leash training and put a collar on your puppy for the first time, he will scratch, yelp and roll on the ground to try and take it off.  But you need to be persistent

Before leash training your dog, ensure that he has a comfortable collar.  The right collar will not hurt him; it’s just a strange new sensation for him.  He will soon be used to it and ready to begin his lessons.  The collar should fit snugly, don’t buy a collar that is too big, thinking that he will grow into it a collar that is too loose will slip off easily and be useless.  Its standard practice to stand to your dog’s right while he is on a leash.  Hold the leash with your right hand and use the left hand to reach down to him.


Reference Weldon Owen, Dogs 2011 Weldon Owen Pty Ltd