Simply A Loving Pet and A Superior Hunting Dog!…….

Being probably the best Gun and Field Dog there is they have been around for 500 years!..


Origins and Brief History


To be certain English Cocker Spaniels have pretty much always been Hunting Dogs which originated in Britain some 500 years ago, And at that time the two major types appeared to        be classified as either:

1. Land Spaniels!.

2. Water Spaniels!..

In their beginning there were no Kennel Clubs or Dog Shows for English Cocker Spaniels were simply a Work Dog used primarily for hunting/sporting purposes and early breeders were strict for in a litter they only allowed the strongest and most robust pups to live as any that were then deemed too small or unsuitable for -hard work- were removed though some of the Larger Pups

were allowed to live but they tended to be re-classified as Springer’s!. To be sure English Cocker Spaniels were plain and simply Hunt and Field Dogs used to ‘drive the prey’ towards the hunters in the field yet about 1885 as Dog shows were becoming more popular then The English Cocker Spaniels were reclassified and began to be appreciated.






Now the English Cocker Spaniel is a very good tempered animal who enjoys romping and is pretty safe around children, For the Dog will become in time very attracted to his/her owner and especially the person who feeds him but the Spaniel will need attention as they very much dislike being left alone.






Granted that overall the English Cocker Spaniel is a good natured general dog like many others and his care is pretty much straight forward excepting if you desire to ‘Exhibit or Show’ the dog.

If so then a Professional Groomer or Trimmer is recommended otherwise you risk loosing some needed show points’,  However if the animal is healthy then ‘nothing more’ is needed except the usual monthly bath with a good flea resistant wash or soap to finish along with a good brushing and combing to bring out the English Cocker Spaniels true beauty!…….


Specifications of Breed:




Naturally individual dogs will vary and English Cocker Spaniels are no different so the figures listed here will of course vary somewhat with differing pets but usually they are about;


Weight: Usually between 29 to 32 Pounds.

Height: Adult Males are about 15 to 16 inches, While Females are 15 inches or pretty close.


Naturally older English Cocker Spaniels tend weigh or be a bit taller than the younger dogs and Females will also be a bit smaller and a bit lighter than the Males.

The average life-span as well tends to be in the area of 12 to 14 years but that can vary.


Buyers Beware:




Barring accident or injury a young English Cocker Spaniel is usually pretty healthy but it doesn’t hurt to have a reliable veterinarian look the dog over -before purchase- especially if its a pedigree  pup and if considerable money is involved in the sale.

But under normal conditions they are seldom sick and with good treatment some live to 15 years.


English Cocker Spaniels are Good Dogs so buy with Confidence!…..



image credit wikipedia.org

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