The English Setter


Origin and History

The English Setter is one of the oldest breed of dogs. The English Setter was original breed in England more than 400 years ago. It is strong believed that that were breed from developed from Spaniel breed. The English Sitter was first called a Setting Spaniel. Before the use of gun in hunting the English setter would located game birds and then pin the birds down until the hunter could capture the game by using a net. Their calm disposition made them excellent gundogs for hunters.  But, when guns became widely available, the English Setter would retrieve the morality wounded game.



English Setters are energetic, people-centered breed of dog. They are well suited for owners who can give them a high level of attention. The breed is known for being intensely friendly and good natured.  They are well behaved around visitors and particularly with children.

English Setters are very intelligent and highly trainable.  They can do just about any task other breeds can do but, not herding. Due to their good-natured temperament, English Setters can sometimes be very sensitive to criticism. Positive reinforcement training methods work best during the basic training of the breed.



The English Setter’s longer coat makes it mandatory for daily grooming. The English Setter’s breed’s requirements for grooming may vary. The long-haired type’s coat requires extensive grooming. While the short-haired (hunter) type of the breed does not require such an intense grooming regime do to its shorter coat.


Specifications of the English Setter

These are the proper specifications of the English Setter from the American Kennel Club (AKC). Males are to be no more than 25 inches in height. Females should be no more than 24 inches in height. Weight of both sexes should be in strict proportion with an English Setter’s height. The English Setter is a highly muscular breed of dog.


Buyer Beware

The English Setter breed is prone to deafness. They are very active dogs which need plenty of exercise to avoid weight gain and behavior problems.  Two hours of daily exercise is recommended for the breed. It is ideal to have a medium-sized fenced yard for the English Setter to get its daily exercise. Inside the house, they tend to have lower energy levels. So, without proper exercise, they love to be couch potatoes and lap dogs. The]y are not always easy to train, as their natural bird-killing instincts tends to distract them in outdoor environments. So, they must be leashed at all times during a walk.


image credit wikipedia.org

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