German Pointer

Origin  and Brief  History

It is believed the German Pointer is a descendant  of several different pointing and hunting breeds. The German Shorthair pointer,  there is also a Wirehaired version,  is the one focused on here. The shorthair was later on bred to create the Wirehaired. Some of the breeds lineage is thought to include the Old Spanish pointer, The German Bird dog, and the Foxhound. As its name would imply the German Shorthair Pointer originated in Germany in the 19th century. Bred to be a hunting dog it has a water resistant coat and as with all German pointer breeds, it has webbed feet,  making it a strong swimmer and allowing it to pursue water fowl on the water as well as on land with equal ability.


The German Shorthair Pointer makes a wonderful family dog. Among its most prominent temperament traits are intelligence, boldness, affectionate and easily trained, obedient and generally good with children and other pets,  they are a breed which will require very generous amounts of regular exercise to burn off all the dogs natural energy, without regular intense exercise the dog may become more inclined to demonstrate unwanted negative behaviors.  This breed is not well suited for apartment living, it will need  a yard and some space ideally to run around. This breed is very comfortable outdoors.



The German Shorthair Pointer requires a  minimum amount of grooming and care. They have a smooth, short coat which requires an occasional brushing and the occasional bath, maybe a bit more attention  if the dog is used in a sporting capacity, and is out in the bush and water on a regular basis, to make sure it does not pick up any unwanted insects, tics etcetera. This breed does have rather large floppy ears which may also require an occasional cleaning, especially if it spends a lot of time in the water. They are about average shedders.


Specification Of  Breed

The average size of the German Shorthair Pointers are typically about 21-23 inches for females 23-25 inches for males, with the females weighing in the 45-60 pound range and the males 55-70 pounds. The average lifespan for this breed is generally in the 12-15 year range. They can come in a variety of  different colors including solid liver and liver and white.


Buyer  Beware

The German Shorthair Pointer Is a breed that has relatively few inherent health and disposition or behavior issues. They like most breeds can be subject to certain problems, among them hip dysplasia, certain eye diseases, epilepsy, and skin disorders. Also as with some other breeds the female may be prone to breast cancer if not spayed, but it is less likely if the dog is bred.


image credit wikipedia.org


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