Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter



Origin and brief history:

The Gordon Setter was originally bred to be a hunting dog back in 17th century Scotland.  While the Gordon Setter was eventually outpaced by other faster and more agile dogs, they remained valuable because of their remarkable intelligence.  In many cases, other hunting dog breeds would have to be retrained each hunting season, while the Gordon Setter would actually improve and build on the skills that they learned in previous years.  This makes the Gordon Setter one of very few breeds whose value actually increased as they got older.


As previously noted, the Gordon Setter is an extremely intelligent dog.  Because they were originally bred to be hunting dog, this is a dog that requires a lot of stimulation in order to have a well balanced temperament.  The Gordon Setter is a very independent and prideful dog.  Training can be difficult at first, and they can remain obstinate and stubborn if they are not in the mood to be trained.  The Gordon Setter will also have problems if they are confined for too long, and are generally not recommended for people who live in cities or small apartments.  This is a dog that needs to be in the right environment in order to achieve a balanced temperament.


Grooming a Gordon Setter does not take an extensive amount of time compared to many other breeds.  They will require a regular brushing 2-3 times per week and some occasional trimming of the hair on their paws.  Aside from that, their coat tends to shine up very quickly and will remain looking good.  Their coat is naturally water resistant which helps them to stay clean and dry off quickly.

Specification of breed:

Gordon Setters are considered to be medium to large dogs.  The male typically stands at 25-27 inches and weighs 60-80 pounds.  The female stands at 24-26 inches and weighs 50-70 pounds.  The do not have an extremely long life expectancy compared to other dogs, and will generally live to be 10-12 years old.

Buyer Beware:

The Gordon Setter is a very smart and loyal dog for the right owner.  However there are many other factors to take into consideration with this breed.  The Gordon Setter can be very jealous, and will have a hard time if they are not socialized properly with strangers and other dogs.  They may also have problems with other household pets or children receiving more attention than they do.  All of this can lead to behavioral problems and acting out.  Because of their need for attention, the Gordon Setter will also get lonely or have social anxiety if left for long periods of time.  The Gordon Setter may be a great breed for an experienced dog owner, but may be very difficult for a novice.


image credit wikipedia.org

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