Origin and brief history

The Great Dane also known as the Grand Danois, is a domestic dog of the German origin. The Great Dane is known for its colossal size. The German name is the Deutsche Dogge, also known as the German Mastiff. Known as one of the world’s tallest dog breed, the current world record holder is a Great Dane named Zeus. Zeus measures 112 cm or 44 in from shoulder to paw.


The Great Dane has a sensitive side; they are given the nickname of the gentle giant. The large size may seem intimidating, but they are very docile. The Great Dane is very easy going and not aggressive. They are usually very loving and great around children.  If not socialized properly they may become fearful or aggressive.


The upkeep of a Great Dane is minimal. They have a short coat and do not require a lot of baths or brushing. The biggest upkeep to the Great Dane is making sure that their claws are clipped, teeth are clean, and that their eyes and ears are clean.  While the Great Dane is not very active, they should be checked regularly for cuts and abrasions on the paw pads.

Specification of breed

The Great Dane is very regal in appearance; it carries an elegance of strength and dignity with its well-formed and powerful muscular body. The Great Dane is well balanced and can move with a powerful drive and has a very long reach. While the Great Dane is running it appears as if it is galloping.  The male Great Dane should not be less than 30 in (76 cm) at the shoulders, a female 28 in (71 cm).

The lowest weight for a Great Dane eighteen months or over is 120 lbs. (54 kg) for males, 100 lbs. (45 kg) for females. The ears of the Great Dane are triangular and naturally floppy.  Great Danes were originally bred as hunting dogs. The ears were cropped to ensure that they did not become injured while hunting boar. Today the ears remain natural, as they have become companion animals and the need for cropping is obsolete.


Buyer Beware

The Great Dane is easy to care for and very loving, but they do come with some hang ups. The dog is very large and will need a lot of space inside or outside the home. If you are considering traveling with your pet, you must make sure you have the room for them. The Great Dane will also try to sit or lay on you, they are very heavy and this could pose a problem. They are very strong willed and will need a strong owner who can handle them. These dogs also have a short lifespan, so this may be something you need to make sure you are willing to deal with. The Great Dane only needs moderate exercise but as a puppy they may try to jump up and play with you. This can be a problem because of the weight and height of the dog.  Make sure to think about these things before adopting or purchasing a pet, as they become a lifelong responsibility.


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