Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier


Origin and brief history

The Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed of terrier. It has an origin in fox hunting and was first bred by Reverend John Russell. He was a hunting enthusiast born in 17955. After the death of Reverend Russell, only two men kept the breed alive. Chislehurt and Cornwall had dogs from Russell’s original bloodline. After WWII the need for the hunting dogs declined. They then became companion animals.



The Jack Russell Terrier will always be a working terrier. They are extremely intelligent, fearless, athletic, and very vocal. If not properly exercised they can become destructive and moody. The Jack Russell Terrier can be very stubborn at times and also aggressive towards other animals and humans if not socialized. It is important to start training and socializations early on with these types of dogs. These dogs are always ready for the net adventure and will still be energized after a long day of work or play. Jack Russell Terriers make great sporting dogs and can excel at agility and flyball, as well as obedience training.


The Jack Russell Terrier has a very short coat. The need for grooming is very minimal and an occasional brushing and bath will suffice for the shorter coats. The longer coat will need a bit more brushing and trimming. Since they are such active dogs, they will need to be checked periodically for small wounds to their bodies and paw pads. Dental and ear hygiene will need to be performed on a regular basis, as will nail clipping.

Specification of breed

The Jack Russell Terrier has a standard size of 10-15 inches for both males and females. The weight of the Jack Russell Terrier should be between 13 and 17 pounds. They are broad and have a white, short or longer coat. The Jack Russell Terrier is very sturdy, tough, and tenacious. The coat of the dog can either be smooth or a bit rough and can sometimes have a pattern of darker spots called ticking.


Buyer Beware

The Jack Russell Terrier can be very stubborn, yet extremely loyal to their owners. These dogs will need a strong, assertive owner to train and socialize them properly. They can also become quiet aggressive so training should be done throughout their lives. The Jack Russell Terrier is highly energetic and will need owners that can fulfill the drive they have.  They can have a strong prey drive and will bolt after small animals in order to corner them. Training, socialization, and exercise are the main components to a well-balanced and happy family dog.


image credit wikipedia.org


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