Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinscher



Origin and brief history:

The Miniature Pinscher is placed in the Terrier group.  Pinscher actually means “Terrier” in German.  They did originate from Germany a couple of centuries ago and are reported to be the descendent of the Dachshund, Italian Greyhound and the short haired German Pinscher.  The breed became known as the “King of the Toys” with a compact and smooth coat and the fact that they are alert, spirited and fearless.   One other fact that helped them to acquire that nickname is their high step that they take.   They were originally bred and used to help keep the rodent population down in the barns and stables.




This dog has a lot of curiosity.  They seem to have a more stubborn personality but are very smart.  The Miniature Pinschers are very loyal and brave.  They are usually good with children and other pets as long as you let it know you are the boss or they may become protective and aggressive with other dogs and animals.  This dog wants to learn and will welcome the discipline to do so if done correctly and efficiently.  It will amaze you how quickly they will learn if you do so.




This dog has a very short, hard coat and is very easy to groom.  You only need to shampoo when you feel it essential and if not you can brush them with a firm bristled comb.  Their coat is very smooth and can be wiped down with a damp, warm cloth to get rid of loose hair. Their shedding is pretty average.



Specification of breed:

The breed does not vary much with the size of male to female. Most male Miniature Pinschers stand at the height of 10 to 12 inches and weigh around 8 to 10 pounds with the females standing about 10 to 11 inches and weighing approximately 8 to 9 pounds. They are usually black in color with markings the color of rust or a chocolate color with tan markings.



Buyer Beware:

This dog can easily slip into having a small dog complex if not given the proper treatment.  You have to mold and shape the dog into what you want it to be.  If you do not set the boundary lines, so to speak, for the dog they will begin to bark more than you wish and become very demanding and headstrong.   They do need to be walked daily and played with. If not they are likely to start to have behavior problems.  Be sure that when they are outside you have them in a yard with a high fence.  Miniature Pinschers are known to be escape artist and want to explore.  It is not suited to families with small children because, if handled roughly,  it is likely to be injured and react aggressively.


AKC Breed Standard can be found here

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