Puppies are cute and cuddly when they are just that puppies. However keep in mind that puppies need to be trained house trained that is. Be prepared for chewing of shoes and other things like furniture being chewed as well. A puppy will require lots of attention, energy and patience. so if you do not have the patience and or tolerance you might want to consider an older dog.

On the other hand when you get a puppy you will have control over its behavior and can correct any problems that may arise, such as shoe chewing, peeing in the carpet etc. If you have children, then this dog will be accustomed to them and vice a versa. He will learn to be tolerant and unafraid of children in general.

An adult dog might be the way to go for you if you do not have the patience or tolerance that is required for a puppy. If you do your homework you will find there are many adult dogs that would make wonderful pets. Just beware that some might have behavioral problems that might not be as evident when you first adopt them. So the best thing if for you do the research and know what breed or mix would meet your needs.

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