The only thing that a purebred dog guarantees you is that when you buy a purebred you will be receiving the distinct characteristics that breed is predisposed in having this applies to behavior coat etc. After all purebreds can be traced back to hundreds of years. Their breeding has been controlled and studied. So when you purchase a purebred you will know what to expect on character, color characteristics, size and behavior.

When you get a mutt he is likely to be a lovable dog. These mutts are usually unplanned, a disproportionate number end up in shelters and for sale at a low cost. But don’t think less of a mixed breed. You are not giving up or sacrificing quality. Most mutts are lovable and make excellent loyal companions. They can be trained as well as any breed. There are many adoption agencies that can help in assisting you to find that perfect pet for you or your family.


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