Puppies just like humans learn by repetition and consistency. With this in mind, establish a consistent routine. especially the first weeks. this will establish his behavior for a long time to come. It will also help your puppy make sense of what you expect from him. The first weeks up to about 14 weeks of age are the most critical in establishing your puppies personality.


Puppy Playing

Playing with your puppy and stimulating him to pounce and to stalk are important in raising your puppy. It makes them stronger and helps them to better develop. You should have toys for him to be able to bite and play with, as this will discourage him from looking for something to bite. like the legs of your dining room table. However be sure the toys are not small enough that they can be swallowed. Balls and chew toys are an excellent choice as they come in different sizes and are not too expensive. 



Puppies do need to be disciplined as this establishes the boundaries of what is acceptable behavior and what is not. However physical harsh punishment like hitting him or throwing things at him is not recommended and should be avoided.

Remote punishment is the preferred method. What is remote punishment and why? Simply Remote punishment entails using something that appears to not be connected to you the punisher in order to stop the behavior. To give an example. throwing an object in his direction without hitting or striking the puppy will startle him and scare him. Loud noises such as clapping, rattles, spray bottles with water are some good examples. In this form of punishment the puppy relates the punishment to the undesirable behavior and not to you.