Truly the Saluki is the oldest of all surviving Dog’s!…….


Original History:


To be sure the Saluki Dog or breed is amongst the earliest known dog that still exists today.




Yes alongside his antiquity the Saluki seems to have originated in the Middle East so he is very well known and respected in that part of the world and Sulukis like their owners strongly tend to be ‘Nomadic or Migratory’ as they were originally bred to be a hunting dog.


Still they are not a common animal as Salukis were ofttimes allowed in their masters homes and were at one time considered a Royal Dog as they were very favored in Ancient Egypt!.




Salukis go back almost to the dawn of Human Civilization for there are noted on early pottery and even cave drawings in the Middle East and the breed was originally trained to assist their masters in hunting a feat they are very successful at.

For it seems they were first brought back to Europe with returning troops from the Crusades who introduced the breed outside of the Arab World.

But it really wasn’t until the 1920s that the Saluki became really popular and was then listed in both the U.S. and British Kennel Club rolls etc!,…….






Now Saluki Dogs tend to be quiet and reserved, That doesn’t mean that he isn’t friendly to his master/owners but it is well to remember he was really bred for hunting and naturally retains a hunters instinct and while he is friendly it is wise to be careful with the Saluki around other small animals and/or Pets.

Since the Saluki in his breed is very close to the wolf its well to be remembered he isn’t the most friendly of Dogs and isn’t always the best companion of small children since he’s not considered the most cuddly type of domestic animal.






Granted that Salukis are a bit spirited at times but overall they are a clean breed and tend to be much favored for their clean and odor free coat.

Put simply Salukis come in two coats;

1.Smooth and Silky!.

2.Feathery and Soft!..


To be sure the coat is relatively easy to clean as to avoid tangles or matting for the favored way is to gently take a firm or medium brush and then to gently brush your dogs coat being careful not to press too hard nor to pull or yank on the animal either and professional trainers often advise stroking or patting the dog at the same time as that makes it easier for the Saluki to associate the grooming process with petting which is something they like.

Grooming is then finished with a gentle stroke by a wide comb to smooth out the hair!.


Specifications of Breed:




Naturally individual dogs will vary and the Saluki is no different so the figures listed here will of course vary with the animal but in a general way the following tend to be true:


Weight: Usually between 35 to 65 Pounds.

Height: Usually around 23 to 28 Inches..


It is to be remembered that older Salukis will naturally weigh or be a bit taller than the     younger dogs and Females will also be a bit smaller and again a bit lighter than the Males,.

The average life-span as well tends to be in the area of 12 to 14 years but that can vary.


Buyers Beware:




Of course if your the Buyer you’ll naturally want to inquire about your Saluki Dogs papers, registry and naturally the dogs health history plus having your favorite veterinarian look the animal over is also a good idea.

Now overall Saluki Dogs are a rugged and healthy breed but they tend a bit as a breed to have heart complications and sadly some dogs seem to acquire Cancers but that aside most Salukis  are really pretty healthy though a regular visit to your vet is a good idea from time to time so do:


Enjoy Your Saluki!…….



image credit wikipedia.org