Tibetan Terrier


Origin and Brief History:

Tibetan terriers originated in Tibet over 2000 years ago. Although its name can be misleading, this dog has no connection to the terrier family. This breed was given this name because it resembled a terrier. This type of dog was bred as companions, sheep herders, and as good luck in monasteries. This type of dog was held in high value to people because it was believed that they could bring good luck. This breed way brought to the United States by a physician who treated a Tibetan man’s wife, and was given the dog as a grateful gesture. This physician eventually opened up a kennel in the England and the first breed of the Tibetan terrier was imported to the United States. The Tibetan terrier’s good luck legend stuck with it even throughout the United States. People decided to only pure breed these dogs because they did not want to mix it with any other breed and bring bad luck upon their families.



Although this dog is not actually a terrier, its temperament resembles that of a terrier. This dog is extremely family friendly. It can easily adapt to any type of environment and is always happy to be around people. This breed of dog will be happy if it is the center of your attention. This dog is great with children and can play with them but will also be calm and cuddle with the family.



Tibetan terriers have an extremely long and fuzzy coat. This type of coat requires brushing daily. It is in the owner’s best interest to take their time while brushing their coat and spray it with a mist of water to make it easier. If the long coat is too much of a hassle for some owners, they can shave the coat all the way down to make it easier. It is extremely important to make sure that if it is kept long all of the mats and knots get taken out of it. Other grooming that pertains to a Tibetan terrier is the typical grooming that pertains to any type of dog. The dog’s nails must be kept at a reasonable length and cut about once a month. Also, these terriers should be given a bath at least once a month to keep dirt and debris out of their coats. Another part of grooming is that their ears should be wiped out with a cotton ball and solution that is approved by the vet, and their teeth should be brushed to keep them at optimum health.

Specification of Breed:

The height of a Tibetan terrier is typically from 14 to 17 inches. Any height under or over is considered a fault. The typical weight of a Tibetan terrier is 18 to 30 pounds. This breed is expected to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Buyer Beware:

Before buying a Tibetan terrier, there is some things that a buyer should know. One of the first things a buyer should know about this breed is that they are very flea prone and if you live in a wooded areas covered with fleas; it might not be the smartest buy. Also, if children are going to be in the home, the buyer should know that around 6 to eight months, a Tibetan usually goes through a nipping phase when playing. This phase can be corrected easily, but it is a risk with small children around. Also, potential buyers should be aware that a high fat diet will keep a Tibetans coat from become dry and unmanageable.


image credit wikipedia.org

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