Finding a Dog

Before you consider buying or adopting a dog. make sure you understand the long term costs and consequences this life form is going to have on your lifestyle. Ask yourself several questions.  Do you have the time, space, and energy to commit yourself to the demands a pet is going to have on you? If you have already considered this then let’s move forward!

The perfect dog for you is waiting for you to find him/her. There are many ways to acquire a dog, whether its a purebred or a mixed breed. If you are looking for a purebred make sure to visit several different breeders. Do your research on them as well.


Your Budget

Consider your budget and expense of this canine. The purchase price of a dog can be from nothing to well over $2,000, the equipment and veterinary expenses on average will add another $600. Let’s not forget about food. To feed an average 40 lb dog, you can expect about $2 per day.


What size is your home?

Is your house suitable for a dog to live in? Consider the dog’s temperament. For example, some large breeds like greyhounds and mastiffs, are quite happy just lounging around in small habitats. Breeds such as border collies, while smaller, require space to be able to burn and get rid of some of the high energy they possess.


Good sources for finding a dog


Animal shelters

are good places to look at. They examine all the dogs for health and temperament as well. A dog shelter has purebred dogs as well. Many dog owners have to give up their purebred dogs for many reasons. They might be older, job, moving to a place where dogs are not allowed, etc… Whatever the reason, they are taken to a dog shelter to get a second chance. Where you can give them that second chance.


Professional Breeders

Many professional breeders are in the business because they love dogs, some do it just to make money. So just because a breeder is registered with a kennel club, this does not mean they are reliable look for puppies raised in a home rather than in an outbuilding.  Take a look around the facilities, they should be clean and comfortable, the dogs should not be crammed into small kennels. Also, a good breeder will be asking you many questions assessing how suitable you are to be a dog owner.


Breed Rescue Clubs

are also a good source for finding that perfect dog. Clubs provide many purebreds a foster home. These are dogs that were either surrendered or given up to a shelter or simply abandoned.


Bulletin Boards at Veterinary Offices

Veterinary offices often have boards where they post dogs for sale. Why would you trust it? Most of the time the staff will know the breeder or dog owner.


US Humane Society                  A.S.P.C.A