Origin and brief history

The Whippet also known as the Snap dog or the English Whippet is a medium sized breed of dog. The Whippet originated in England and is of the class of sight hounds. They originated from the greyhound and are shown in the hound group. Whippets were greyhounds that were unsuitable for hunting because of the small size. The dogs were maimed, under the Forest Law and returned to the breeders so they could not be used to hunt. The breeders bred them together and used to them to hunt rabbits and catch rats. After the Forest Law was repealed, the small greyhounds became a popular sporting dog used for racing. This is where the Whippet got the nickname of, “poor man’s race horse.” The whippet can run up to 35 MPH.

Temperament:  Whippets are intelligent, quiet, and not prone to barking. They are usually gentle dogs and some enjoy the day just lounging around the house. The whippet makes excellent house dogs and has been described as looking very dignified. Even though the whippet was bred for racing, they are very lazy. They are very easy going but will chase small animals and other small pets. Whippets are very sensitive to touch and if touched unexpectedly will jump and overreact.


The Whippet is easy to groom. Its coat is very short and only needs to be brushed occasionally. Every four weeks the claws should be clipped, eyes and ears cleaned, as well as the teeth cleaned. Whippets do not shed much fur and there will be virtually no hair found around the house from them.


Specification of breed

The Whippet is of a medium build and weights from 15lbs. (6.8kg) to 30 lbs. (14kg). Most Whippets range in height from 17.5in to 22.5in.  They come in a variety of colors including black, white, cream, blue, brindle, fawn, and red. The coat is smooth, short, and very close to the body. The Whippet is the fastest dog in their weight category and has a distinctive way of running. The gait of the Whippet is known as the double suspension gallop. The dog’s legs are off the ground twice in each stride. The legs are off once when they are completely extended and then while tucked under the body.


Buyer Beware:

While the Whippet can be content in the house, they do need regular exercise. The Whippet can become bored very easily and will need something to occupy their time. They enjoy fast paced games such as lure chasing, flyball, and agility. While the Whippet is small, it is fast and can chase after things. Training will be necessary so that the dog does not pull the leash out of your hand if it sees a stray squirrel. Whippets are also very intelligent and will need toys that will challenge its mind. If they do become bored, they could become destructive in the house and out. They may dig holes, tear up gardens, chew on furniture, or counter surf.



image credit wikipedia.org



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