Origin and Brief History:

The Yorkshire Terrier or “Yorkie” is one of the smallest types of Terrier Breeds whose origins go back to the 19th Century in Yorkshire England.  Like many terriers, they were bred to be small rodent specialists, and were especially used to flush out rats in mills, homes, and other dwellings.  This dog was bred to be tiny for this reason, and their small nimble frame made them great at their job.


Yorkshire Terriers are also extremely smart.  These days most people simple buy them for companionship, but they also perform well as a show dog, or even as a therapy dog.  Yorkies are considered to be one of the easiest dogs to train and they are able to understand new tricks quickly, which makes them a favorite choice as a family dog.  Yorkshires also have a lot of energy and can be very protective.  They are very vocal and have a tendency to bark a lot at strangers, making them excellent watch dogs.  These dogs are very territorial and loyal, and will develop a close bond with its caretakers.


Grooming a Yorkie depends largely on how long the hair is let to grow.  Many owners choose to shave their Yorkshire’s hair short in the summer to keep it cool, and this also keeps down the maintenance of brushing it.  Some people like to keep their dog’s hair long, only trimming it once it reaches the floor.  This is a style most commonly seen in show dogs.  Styling the dog’s hair this way drastically increases the time spent grooming, but many people find that the appearance of a long haired Yorkie is well worth the effort.

Specification of Breed:

The Yorkshire Terrier only grows to be about 4-7 pounds and 6-7 inches in height.  They are deceptively fast for their size.  A Yorkshire Terrier will live to be about 13-16 years old, and they tend to be healthy and sturdy dogs as long as they are well taken care of.

Buyer Beware:

Many people purchase a Yorkshire Terrier for their cute appearance, with the assumption that this small dog will make an excellent lap dog.  While the Yorkie will certainly show a lot of affection, this is also a very intelligent and energetic dog.  If this dog is not given a proper amount of exercise and stimulation, it can be known to get overly aggressive and territorial.  Yorkies also have a very sensitive stomach, and usually need to be kept on a strict diet of dog food.  People who think they are being nice by offering a Yorkie human food will often result in the dog having an upset stomach.


image credit wikipedia.org


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